What is Your Vibration Level?

What forms of “clutter” are weighing you down?

Often I hear people say, “I feel stuck,” when struggling with some aspect of daily life. That is a metaphor for what I mean by “clutter.” It can be physical, mental, and/or energetic, but always leaves us feeling stuck. And we are not even sure how we got there! The most frustrating part of getting stuck can be that it’s hard to see a way forward. How many of the activities in the visual do you engage in or with? They all can raise your vibration! Read more…

Hi, I’m Carol,

I help my clients up-level “clutter”, also known as raising vibes, so they can live in balance and in alignment with their purpose. 

I’m a Feng Shui practitioner, a Dowser, and creator of Human Design Hexagrams and I use a variety of methods to support my clients in improving their energy flow. If you’re stuck, I can help. Get started by requesting a free Personal Energy Directions Guide.

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“Carol is amazing. She came to my house and helped me figure out how to re-arrange my house based on certain changes I wanted to see in my life. After she left, I followed her advice and watched the magic happen. I will definitely have her come back.”  E.J.
“Thank you so much Carol! I did hang the hexagram over the door. The furniture was moved right away. My daughters both said it felt better here. My home feels peaceful and safe. I feel more intuitive and it’s like a burst of energy. I would highly recommend you!”  L.C.
“I’ve had my own journey getting unstuck, finding clarity, and now I’m sharing these messages with others.”
– Carol B. Ransom

My Services:

I work with clients both on Skype and in person, depending on the problem we’re solving. I always start by learning more about you and what’s holding you back before recommending a service.

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Want to see how Feng Shui can improve the quality of life in your environment? Begin improving energy flow for yourself in your space today. Get your own Personal Energy Directions Guide. 

A Client Story:

“Thank you so much Carol!  I have noticed a big shift.  I did hang the hexagram over the door.  Odd but one night going out to walk the dog, I had to do a double take because it was glowing.  I haven’t seen that since.  I put the hexagram in a wood frame, I hope that was a good choice.  My furniture was moved right away.  My daughters both said it felt better here.
There seems to be some big pushes from the universe to make at least one big change.  A bit scary but I have a great sense of peace in knowing that I need to trust the universe and listen.  Also I feel more intuitive and it’s like a burst of energy that I am not quite sure how to handle.
Thank you again Carol, you are truly a gifted person!
Peace & love,”
L. C.

Are you ready to raise your vibrations and have the life you deserve?

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