What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui (pronounced Fuhng Shwey) was first used by the Chinese about 3000 years ago in siting their ancestors’ graves to be safe from typhoons (wind) and floods (water). A body of knowledge developed and was reserved for the privileged classes. Only in recent times (after Mao tse-tung’s Cultural Revolution in 1966 to remove all remnants of classic Chinese practices) was the “science” of Feng Shui made public to the world. The principles of living/resting in harmony with nature had evolved into the practice of balancing the energy in the home, garden, business, etc., by arranging objects to create a harmonious flow of Chi throughout one’s surroundings. The literal translation of the words means “wind and water”. In simple terms it is referred to as the art of placement, but there are many aspects to consider before suggesting solutions.

What Can Feng Shui Do For Me?

For almost 3000 years the Chinese have been tuned in to the concept that “Everything is Energy”. Chi was highly revered as the life force that permeated all things…. the more solid the mass, the slower the vibration of molecules… and the lighter the mass, the higher the vibration would be. This also includes light and sound waves, and even our thoughts.

What does this mean for improving our quality of life? If everything around us is alive with energy and sends out vibrations that we can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell, we certainly want to pay attention to how these vibrations make us feel! Do you feel good in that space? Or does that space make you feel really blah? Do you avoid going into that space?

“How you feel today may not hold true six months from now, so change is desirable from time to time”

Feng Shui is not just Formulas

I use all my training in classical Feng Shui schools and Diamond Feng Shui to help you create personal spaces with balanced harmony and energy so you can live better and support your highest vibration. Life would be boring if there were only one template for everyone’s success!  We and our spaces require the individualized approach.

“Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life” as Dr. Wayne Dyer suggested in his last book by that title. Changing your focus, from what “is not working” in your life to that which you appreciate about your life, elevates your vibration and improves your outlook. Quick energy boosters are creating a Vision Board (images of the life that you desire) or using photos and art to inspire you and send “feel good” vibrations into your space, which you then reflect back.

Clutter creates a very low vibration which can drag your vibration down. That’s why Feng Shui consultants suggest decluttering before changing anything else. You will be amazed at the energy shift from doing this one activity. It opens up space for new creativity and abundance to enter your life. If you need help with decluttering, look here.      (There is no requirement to schedule EFT sessions before Feng Shui or Dowsing consultations.)

The energy that surrounds you and infuses you is usually the same vibration you send back into the world. Live with what you personally love, and love what you live with! Don’t wait to get balance in your space. If you would like to schedule an appointment and get started, click here. To find out how smell (aromatherapy) affects your personal space, click here for essential oils.

LoPanFeng Shui Service which includes Space and Time:

An in home consultation involves walking through the entire space, using floor plans to accurately note compass directions and furniture locations, as well as the presence of the five elements of Feng Shui.  This will take several hours depending on the size of the home or business.  The floor plans are used to determine the nine palace configuration of your home/business for analyzing the energy of the Flying Stars present in each sector.  These Flying Star energies change every year and I provide an update for minimal charge.  If you are outside a reasonable driving distance from me, travel charges will be added as determined before an appointment is made.  You will be sent a report of the analysis for changes to make and suggestions for activating the “good” and diminishing the “bad” Feng Shui energy flow.

Information required for Feng Shui Consultation:

  • Floor plans drawn to scale noting all windows and doors.
  • Date of construction and dates of any major structural renovations.  Date of your occupancy.  All this establishes the “natal chart” of the home.
  • Dates of birth for all residents of the home (including time of birth and location – city and state, if you would like to receive Human Design information too).
  • A compass reading for each exterior door, including any garage doors.  (I will verify.)
  • Fill out the Client Intake Form

Home consultation (I have floor plans for Carol to use) – $450.00

I need floor plans provided by Carol – add $200.00

Feng Shui for Space: involves only a walk-through:

An in home consultation involves walking through the entire space, making note of compass directions and furniture locations, as well as the presence of the five elements of Feng Shui.  This will be a one hour analysis depending on the size of the home or business.  I will sketch the information about your personal best directions for each room and advise on furniture placement and give you a copy at the end of the session.  You should take notes as we proceed because there is no written report provided.  I will suggest hexagrams if they are needed or requested.

Walk Through consultation – $75.00

Hexagrams – Please click on the Hexagram page from the menu for explanations.

Want to discuss your options or schedule an appointment?  Remember to download the Client Intake Form and email it to me.  If you are ready to purchase other items, click on Services on the main menu and scroll to the correct item.

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