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Just as the present day Feng Shui masters are bringing more balance and harmony to everyday lives, Young Living is preserving and improving on the ancient traditions of using essential oils to boost the immune system and enhance one’s life.  Frankincense and Myrrh are only two of the essential oils used in Biblical times.  The pharaohs of Egypt were buried with vessels of prized oils to use in the afterlife.

Essential oils are making a comeback because they possess properties that can be very beneficial to the overall health of the user.  The “Thieves” formula is based on a recipe for combining oils which was used in medieval times by actual thieves, who smeared themselves with it as they robbed the victims of the Bubonic Plague.  The Thieves products for personal and home care are potent, natural, and green environment friendly.   Access recipes for detoxing you and your home below.

Essential oils are used for aromatherapy (inhaling or diffusing), topical application, and ingestion to add flavor to recipes or beverages.  Each label should be read for appropriate uses.  Lavender is especially known for its calming effects and is defused in homes and businesses to harmonize.

Some of the many popular oils used today are lavender, peppermint, tea tree (melaleuca), lemon, eucalyptus, and Frankincense.  Exquisite blends for special purposes include Pan Away, Purification, Valor, Joy, Harmony, Peace and Calming, and Thieves.  Young Living therapeutic grade oils are sold through a distributor network.  If you want to become a distributor, contact me through email.

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