Dowsing is considered both an art form and a science and has been practiced for thousands of years in cultures around the world.  Earth’s natural vibrations support our immune/ energy systems, our bodies, and our minds.   When natural vibrations are altered by stressed energy fields, it will challenge our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, with the potential to eventually result in dis-ease in one or more areas of our lives. Dowsing is a “divining” practice (discovery by guesswork or intuition) used to find those disruptive energies in our environment, which can be the source of stress in our bodies and homes.

Types of Energy Stress:

Geopathic Stress – including Fault Lines, Underground Water, Different Adjoining Soils, and Cross Points (where two or more lines of negative energy cross and create an especially strong field of stress on the body or environment.)  These locations can cause many dis-ease conditions; Hartmann Lines and Curry Lines – the Earth’s natural electromagnetic grid lines “run”  North-South / East-West and Diagonally respectively; Interference Lines – human created electromagnetic energy, including power distribution networks, computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, wireless communication antennas, and satellite communication systems.  Interference lines can also be created by the emotional scars of past events such as fire, divorce, or untimely death.

What can dowsing do for us?

And… the obvious question then is, what can dowsing do for us?  Dowsing is used to detect the location of disruptive energies in our environment so “cures” can be placed to bring the energy into harmony.  In some cases the energy can be blocked, and in others it is redirected.  When the energy manifests as a Vortex (where ley lines cross), the energy travels in a spiral rather than along a line.  An already positive vortex can be strengthened, and a negative vortex can be corrected to become positive.  There are well known positive vortexes in and around Sedona, AZ and Mount Shasta, CA in the US.  There are also the “10 Vile Vortices” located 19.5 degrees above and below the equator where planes and ships have disappeared from existence  for many decades.  These are obviously extreme examples of positive and negative. I also map dowse to locate water for ponds and wells, in addition to pendulum dowsing for healing energy changes in people and circumstances. All of this dowsing work creates a more balanced and harmonious living environment in the unseen energy at work around us, whereas Feng Shui affects the physical senses in more obvious ways to harmonize and balance.  They each have an important contribution to the overall uplift in vibrations in us and our living environments.

Dowsing Appointments:

A home visitation dowsing session involves walking the “yard” around the home/business to locate geopathic stresses and any vortices.  Then the interior room peripheries are dowsed for any additional stresses.  Corrections are made at that time.  If the home is in an apartment complex, then only the interior dowsing is performed.  If you want to mark the placement of the corrections on a floor plan, then you should have that ready for me to use.  If you are having a Feng Shui analysis performed, then the same floor plan can be used. At-Home Dowsing Service is $250.00

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