The Power of Words

“Everything is Energy.”

We may not normally consider words to have energy — but think about the emotion that words conjure up in us. Words definitely generate very different reactions. In his “Map of Consciousness,” developed while he was writing his doctoral dissertation, Dr. David R. Hawkins used a technique known as muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to help him rank words on a scale according to the vibrational strength they caused as emotion.

Dr. John Goodheart developed Applied Kinesiology (AK) in the 1960s and it became a diagnostic technique for chiropractors and holistic practitioners. Based on the principle that “your body doesn’t lie,” practitioners muscle tested clients for remedies that would help in their healing.

Dr. John Diamond further expanded Dr. Goodheart’s work when he discovered that the body could also be affected by images, paintings, music, games, and tactile objects. Classical music makes muscle testing strong, while rap music makes the same go weak. Diamond’s work was called Behavioral Kinesiology (BK) and it asserts that everything we come in contact with makes our life energy either stronger or weaker.

Seeking to validate a tool he could use, Hawkins devised a blind experiment that demonstrated one’s body knows innately which words make it strong and which do not. Hawkins had identified AK as physiologic testing to determine one’s ultimate truth.

One of my more memorable experiences with muscle testing involved a strapping teenager who couldn’t understand how muscle testing would show which personal best directions were best for him in his bedroom. (I was doing a Feng Shui consultation for his family.) So, I picked up the sugar bowl from the table and handed it to him. I asked him to repeat after me the words, “Sugar is good for me.” He did that and I immediately tested him and his arm went right down even though he tried to resist. His jaw dropped and he admitted that “maybe there is something to this” process.

Dr. David Hawkins used applied kinesiology to test people at various levels of consciousness using the words they lived with, the beliefs, and behaviors in their everyday lives. Now we can reference the words and explanations on his Map of Consciousness to find our own level on the spectrum of consciousness. By the way, the scale is logarithmic, so the more advanced levels need fewer individuals to balance the lower level masses. Good advice is to be aware of the words you choose to use, the friends you cultivate, and the behaviors you practice in everyday life. YOU entrain to all of those and it expresses in your frequency / vibration.

Consider how your words will affect you and your listener. Are you weakening your energy and demeaning your listener or are you uplifting your energy and inspiring your listener to higher vibration? A simple example: “I am really angry at you for behaving that way!” versus “I would appreciate your trying to be more responsible in your behavior.” Words do have energy because they evoke emotion and emotion is how the body reacts to that energy.

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